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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Services Available

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Our company performs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a process through which pest risk is minimized while simultaneously minimizing risk associated with pest treatment such as pesticide exposure, it is recognized that pests present health hazards to the occupants of homes and buildings. These hazards exist in the form of insect stings or bites, allergens generated and/or dispersed by insects. Integrated Pest Management involves preventing pest problems, treating only documented pest problems, treating pest problems through precision targeting with the most appropriate material ( least toxic pesticides while still being effective) and techniques.

Pest populations can be prevented or controlled by creating in hospitable environment by removing some of the basic elements pests need to survive, or by blocking their access into structures. Our technicians would be responsible for the inspection of structures which would prevent pests from becoming an indoor pest problem, we would provide a notification to the customer for any repairs needed to secure the building and/or home due to identified or potential entry points of ants, cockroaches, and specially rodents, our technician would also report if your landscaping team can cut down unwanted vegetation touching the building and/or home and eliminate potential harborage areas.


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